Grassroots Projects | Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Here at Grassroots, we’re not mind-readers, but we’re great at using our expertise to identify problems and implement solutions. Whether your resourcing issues relate to cost, quality, time or availability, our specialist Recruitment Process Outsourcing team can assess, design and deliver direct benefits to your talent management strategy.

Creating individually tailored campaigns, our RPO capabilities extend to every aspect of the recruitment process – from targeted candidate attraction and assessment, through to the management of flexible contracts and on-site client resource. We provide a fully managed and scalable recruitment service resulting in reduced time to hire, improved candidate quality and definitive cost savings for your business.

Drawing on our passion for recruitment excellence and best practice, we act as a direct representative for your company’s brand in everything we do. Whether you’re looking niche talent mapping projects or volume hiring exercises, contact Grassroots RPO today on 0161 442 5840 to discover more about how we can help you.



Consultancy & Managed Services | Project Solutions

As a true ‘consultancy’, our specialist team offers a comprehensive range of services which can be selected as flexible stand-alone projects or implemented as full-service managed programmes. We usually start with a recruitment ‘health-check’ to diagnose and analyse your existing resource strategy and make practical recommendations of the improvements and benefits we can help you achieve.

From employer branding and targeted attraction techniques, to long-term resource planning, development and retention strategies, we’re well-placed to fix specific lags in your supply chain or take control of your entire recruitment process. We provide tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your individual business needs, helping you to tackle short and long-term hiring challenges and harness the power of your human capital.

What’s more, we provide the reassurance of guaranteed Service Level Agreements and a reputation based on ethics, integrity and demonstrable results.

Got a problem to discuss? Get in touch with the Grassroots Projects & Recruitment Process Outsourcing team today on 0161 442 5840 to arrange an immediate consultation.