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Here at Grassroots, we’re passionate about recruiting the business support staff that all companies just couldn’t do without. The integral, indispensable individuals who we rely on to process our payroll, prepare our boards reports and make that all-important call to your next big client.

Often starting out at a ‘grassroots’ level, like us they often work behind the scenes but have a big impact on ensuring the day-to-day functions of your business run smoothly. They’re the little guys who form the foundations on which your business is built and can grow into the business leaders of tomorrow.

We believe that when it comes to recruiting such essential personnel, you shouldn’t have to settle for whatever’s available. Nor should you have to miss out on being spoilt for choice, simply because your HR budget doesn’t stretch to using an international head-hunting firm.

That’s why we specialise purely in professional services recruitment. And why we can guarantee that we invest as much time, expertise and consultation in recruiting these roles as you’d expect when identifying your next executive appointment.

Professional Services Recruitment | Business Support Specialists

Professional Services Recruitment focuses on ‘business support’ staff as we like to call them. The people who work within the traditional operations that every company needs to function on a daily basis. Promoting our products, fixing our PC problems, generating our invoices and speaking to our customers.  Like us, they work behind the scenes to provide essential support to your business.

Sharing the common purpose of streamlining processes, coordinating projects and delivering goals, this doesn’t mean that they lack specialist skills or experience. Nor does it mean that you can adopt a standardised approach to recruiting this level of vacancy and get away with a quick fix solution.

Next time you’re recruiting for a sector specialist, it’s time to get in touch with the team at Grassroots. We understand how these departments work independently and how they fit together, their objectives (and challenges), now and as they grow for the future. We’re experts at analysing business needs and identifying the best available solution across a range of commercial specialisms.

We work with start-ups, SMEs, blue-chips and corporates within both public and private sectors on a regional and national basis but are focused primarily from our hub in South Manchester at the gateway to the M56 Corridor.


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